Boom…Out Go the Lights!

Standby Generator
Standby Generator

Power outages can happen anytime, anywhere. Typically associated with severe weather, power loss can happen for a myriad of reason. It’s easy to forget how much we depend on power, until we are without it. Electric powers your heating, cooling, security, refrigeration, lights, well pump, sump pump, garage door openers, gates, entertainment systems and many other vital components in your home. For that reason, Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc. recommends to our clients that they invest in a residential standby generator.

Residential home standby generators offer many features not found on portable generators, such as

  • More sophisticated control system
  • Fully weather–protective enclosures
  • Quieter operation
  • More capacity so you can power more conveniences
  • Runs on Natural gas, propane or diesel
  • Some offer Web-based remote monitoring

It goes on automatically when you need and it shuts down automatically once main power is restored. It is connected directly to a fuel system and your home’s electrical system so you won’t have to fill a gas tank or manually transfer power from the utility to the home standby unit.

Once the unit is installed, we further recommend that the client set-up a service agreement with a local vendor so that their generator unit is serviced bi-annually.  If you are interested in having a residential generator installed in your home, please contact us at 877-862-2142.


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