The Simple Transitional Kitchen

Today we are going to discuss a trend we have seen emerging for quite some time…the transitional-style kitchen. The NKBA states that the transitional-style kitchen has taken over as the most popular style of kitchen in American homes.

full kitchen-wpYou may ask, what is a transitional-style kitchen? It’s a kitchen filled with the warmth and feel of traditional design but with the clean and simple lines of contemporary. Think of a transitional kitchen as the middle ground between traditional and contemporary, a blending of old with the new. Because transitional style kitchens offer a great deal of flexibility, they’re a great choice for homeowners who don’t want to confine themselves to a single style or wish to be bit more creative.

Cabinetry. Cabinets in a transitional kitchen have a simplified profile that fall just short of modern. The cabinets are most often made of wood and have simple paneled doors and sleek hardware. To add flair, think about using a chalkboard panel on a refrigerator door or glass panels on a few doors.

Natural Materials. Granite, marble, limestone, concrete, soapstone and other natural countertop and flooring materials are versatile enough to fit into either traditional or contemporary style. So they are perfect materials to use in a transitional kitchen. Elaborate edge profiles are reserved for traditional kitchens, so stick with something simple.

Backsplash-wpBacksplashes. Think about using traditional tile in a very untraditional way (such as stacking the tile) for a backsplash. Simple is key, so other materials may be used such as chalkboard, stainless steel or natural stone.

Monochromatic Colors. Transitional rooms rarely have strong color palettes. Some designers suggest that you stick with black or white. You may, however, choose any neutral color and layer it for a clean and monochromatic, yet warm effect. A dash of bold color here and there isn’t forbidden, but should be kept to a minimum.

Embellishment-wpEmbellishments. Part of what separates transitional kitchens from contemporary is that they allow for just a hint of decorative embellishment. Millwork, corbels, windows and furnishings are there to add flair. Choose wisely, too much will cross over to a more traditional style.

Using Man-Made Materials. Mixing organic and man-made materials is a cornerstone of transitional design. Consider installing a stainless-steel farmhouse sink that has a contemporary finish or a stainless-steel and glass range hood.

The key to a transitional kitchen is to think simplicity with a little bit of spark.

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