30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

spring clean challengeSpring is right around the corner and to help dust-out winter’s cob-webs we are bringing you a 30-day spring-cleaning challenge. Each task will take approximately one hour to finish.

We start in the KITCHEN on day #1. Clean the microwave and oven.

Day 01-OvenTip: Ammonia should not be used to clean a Wolf oven cavity, racks, or rack guides. Any suggestions to clean an oven by sitting ammonia in the oven overnight should be avoided with Wolf products. Ammonia is not FDA approved for this use, and Wolf does not recommend it. Refer to the Wolf Cleaning Guide for further information on proper cleaning of a Wolf oven.

On day #2 we are still in the KITCHEN. Clean the dishwasher and small appliances.

FisherPaykel recommends using a cleaner like Lemi shine machine cleaner or Finish dishwasher cleaner-following instructions from the manufacturer. You may also place a bit of vinegar in a cup and place the cup on a basket inside the dishwasher. Run the dishwasher on the heavy cycle if using vinegar.

On day #3, still in the KITCHEN and it’s time to wipe down the pantry.

Ayr Custom Cabinetry recommends cleaning off any heavy or sticky residues with a warm, mild solution of Murphy’s Oil Soap or equivalent. Touch up scratches with Old English Scratch Cover or a paste wax shoe polish. Dry with soft clean cloth immediately.

We are in the KITCHEN on day #4. Scrub down the fridge.

Day 04-FridgeTo clean Sub-Zero refrigerator interior shelves and the light diffuser, follow these steps:

Remove shelves, drawers and light diffuser from unit.
To remove or adjust a glass shelf, tilt up, and then lift up and out.
Allow shelves, drawers and light diffuser to warm to room temperature.
CAUTION: Failing to allow shelves or diffusers to warm to room temperature before submerging in water can cause the shelf or diffuser to shatter, damaging the part and possible injury.
Using mild detergent, a little baking soda and water, wipe with a soft cloth.
Rinse and dry shelving thoroughly before installing.
For stains or debris that are difficult to remove:
Allow the shelf or diffuser to soak in a bath tub filled with warm water and 1/10 bleach mixture over night.

Use a toothbrush or can of compressed air to remove any remaining residue.
Using a handheld steam cleaner with spray nozzle may also reach stubborn spots.

Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc. recommends viewing the Sub-Zero Care & Cleaning video prior to cleaning the refrigerator. Also, please refer to their website before removing the light diffuser.

We are still in the KITCHEN on day #5. Organize and toss expired foods.

Empty plastic and glass containers for recycling. To find the nearest recycling center please visit www.recyclingcenters.org.

To download the complete 30-day challenge please visit our website.

Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc. ALWAYS recommends referring to the owner’s manual BEFORE performing any task.

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