8 Elements of Classic Kitchen Style

If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram you know we have been sharing 8 Elements of Classic Kitchen Style. (You may read the article from Rebekah Zaveloff  that appears in Houzz by clicking on this link.) Classic kitchens are timeless and flexible. This comes with other givens, such as neutral color palettes and simple, unfussy details. We offer a short synopsis of each of the 8 elements within this article.

No. 1 White or cream cabinetry. Classic kitchens are timeless yet fresh. This is a style that almost everyone feels comfortable in, even some the modernists among us. White kitchens define this style.

No. 2 Simple architectural details. You may see legs on islands, feet or furniture-style toekicks, crown molding and even a paneled hood, but these details are often restrained in a classic kitchen rather than being over the top and ornate.

No. 3 Honed black countertops. Classic kitchens often go the timeless route with blacks or whites, whether it’s honed absolute black granite, soapstone, or cast quartz material.

No. 4  White marble countertops. Cararra marble and Calacatta marble are the two that really stand out in classic kitchens. In fact, marble countertops are often the focal point of a classic kitchen. 

No. 5 White subway tile. It really doesn’t matter what size, though the classic is 3×6. It can be glossy, crackle, beveled or square edged, handmade or machine made, or even in white marble.

No. 6 Simple door styles.  Another aspect that defines this look is the cabinet door style — often either a simple shaker door or a shaker door with a bead molding.

No. 7 Neutral palettes. Classic kitchens don’t have to be all white.Mix stained and painted cabinetry. Black and white is about as timeless and classic as it gets.

No. 8 Flexibility. Classic kitchens are like chameleons: You can take the same kitchen & completely change its look by mixing in modern bar stools or lighting … or industrial bar stools and lighting … or traditional — you get the idea. Classic can become eclectic by adding modern tile and mixing it with a vintage-style table and chairs and industrial-style pendant lights.

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