It’s time to disconnect garden hoses!

Most outside faucets are freeze-proof, but in order for this feature to be effective, you must remove hoses during cold weather, even if the faucet is located in the garage. If a hose is left attached, the water that remains in the hose can freeze and expand back into the pipe, causing a break in the line. Repair of a broken line that feeds an exterior faucet can be very costly. Martin Brothers Contracting does not warrant a hose bib against freezing, so please take a few minutes to remove garden hoses, close the shut-off valve for the faucet and drain any remaining water from the lines before winter.

We suggest that you drain any hoses and bring them into a heated garage or basement for the winter, rather than leaving them outside where water can freeze and damage them. If you are going to leave them outside in a shed, we suggest that you completely drain the hose by using compressed air to blow the hose completely dry.

If you have any outdoor water features, baths or kitchens, we suggest contacting a plumber to make sure the water lines are winterized properly for the season.

Finally, be aware that sometimes pipes and fixtures that have frozen and thawed don’t start to leak until full water pressure is re-applied. In the spring, check your outdoor fixtures for leaks, even if you have taken steps to protect them from winter ice damage.


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