Our Favorite Laundry Room Ideas

Our Favorite Laundry Room Ideas

Nowhere is the difference between high-end new construction/remodeling clearer, than in laundry rooms. These once simple utilitarian spaces have become large, decorated rooms incorporating many great features. Features like drying racks, built-in ironing boards, craft areas, wrapping areas, offices, and mudrooms with gleaming machines. Today, we share some of our clients practical laundry room solutions.

Drying rack

Pull down drying rack. A pull-down drying rack is designed for drying delicates directly on the rack, or for drip drying clothing on hangers. The pictured rack is strategically located over the sink so no messy drips to clean up.

Hanging Rod

Hanging rod. A must for hanging clothes after removing them from the dryer or for drip drying clothing on hangers. Having the rod located above the sink is ideal. The drips from the clothing just fall right into the sink.

custom-made sink insert

Custom sink insert. The covered laundry sink provides space for the client to fold laundry in this small, single-wall laundry room.

 custom cabinetry

Cabinetry, cabinetry, cabinetry. Almost all of our clients want custom cabinetry in their laundry rooms. Featuring things like open shelving for frequently used products and supplies, and plenty of countertop space for folding.

customized storage

Laundry basket storage. What better way to store your laundry baskets! When a client works with a custom cabinet maker, they are able to design the laundry room of their dreams.

laundry centers

Master bedroom closet laundry center. What’s more handy than a laundry center in your master bedroom closet. Think of all the steps you’ll save when it’s time to put away your clothes! The master bedroom laundry center shown, features a pull-out ironing board (disguised as a drawer), pull-out folding station and his and her pull-down hampers.

pull-out ironing board

Pull-out ironing boards. Meet the pull-out ironing board, disguised as a drawer. It’s no longer necessary to take up wall-space to have the ironing board hidden away.

multiple appliances

Multiple Appliances. Client’s with large families, are opting to build homes with large laundry rooms, featuring multiple appliances. Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc. also builds homes with multiple-level laundry rooms (especially in lake homes). Multiple level laundry rooms save footsteps, backs and time on laundry day.

multiple purpose laundry room

Multiple-purpose laundry rooms. Client’s often opt for multiple-purpose laundry rooms. Think offices, mudrooms, craft-rooms, study rooms, pantries and more.

These are just a few of the laundry rooms in the homes remodeled or built by Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc. Looking for more ideas? Visit our website or our Houzz profile.


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