5 Times to Hire a Contractor

Custom built lake home by Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc., Goshen, IN

1) You’re ready to implement an architect’s plan. A good general contractor can bring an architect’s plans to life. It’s important that the architect and contractor work well together. If your architect suggests contractors he or she has worked with before, it’s a good idea to consider getting bids from them.

Kitchen in home renovated by Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc.

2) You’re making changes to your kitchen. Anytime you know you’ll be needing multiple pros at work on a single project, it’s usually worthwhile to hire a general contractor to oversee and coordinate the project.

Addition by Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc.

3) You want to build an addition. Once your architect creates a plan for an addition that integrates seamlessly with the rest of your home, hire a general contractor who specializes in additions. The contractor can make sure that the addition is built to code and is structurally sound.

Large renovation of a home by Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc.

4) You are going to make structural changes. A seasoned general contractor will coordinate all facets of a large project, and knows when to get an engineer and architect involved. They will have good relationships with reputable sub-contractors and suppliers.

5) You need permits. If you need permits, that’s a good sign that you could use a general contractor. General contractors are well-versed in local building codes and ordinances, and can apply for any permits your project requires. If you need multiple permits, hiring a contractor that has experience pulling permits in different Cities, townships and States is key.